Writers need momentum.

Why is it so hard to start a piece of writing, and equally as hard to finish it, while the middle is a breeze?


Writing is a little like pushing a giant rock down a hill. Once you get the gumption to fire a shoulder into the thing, you can get things going pretty easy.

But finishing is like hitting a particular target with that rock. If the rock just barrels down a mountain of pointless pages, then you’ll be lucky if you hit anything solid. Getting the rock/essay/story to hit its particular cow/tree/audience is extremely difficult.

So then, pick your mark. Make it specific. Then fire away!

I’ve lost control of my metaphor. Where was I?

Oh yes–specific audience.

Today, I’m going to pick a target: former evangelicals who have children under 10 who live in the South. And I’m going to start writing something to them.

What do they want to read that hasn’t been written yet? What do they worry about? What are they excited about? What makes them forget about death/happy about life?

Let’s see what momentum I can get started here.




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