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Good morning!

First, be sure to return for my next post on writing technique, which will go live tonight at 6 PM EST.

Second, as the title says, I have an email list! I would love for you to subscribe. I’m preparing some free tools to give to my email subscribers within the next week. The email will include tools that use automation, psychological trickery, and just plain cleverness to get you writing/creating right now.

Also, you’ll get updates about the blog. To catch you up, so far I’ve written about how Elon Musk can make you more creative, why you should start reading trash, and why you should stop working like a robot. 

Oh and it’ll get weirder, just you wait.

Anyway, to subscribe: return to the front page, click below my friendly helper robots, and do the digital subscription sign-up dance. You know the steps; I’m merely providing the music.

I promise to make it worth your while. You’ll get an introductory email that will let you know about the dream I’m trying to create in the world, via this website. And eventually you’ll get a lot of free stuff to improve your creative productivity.

Cheers, new friends.




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